“Services that help you grow your business”

Strategy and Business Model Evaluation

Combining our accounting and financial services to our operations and business strategy services you have the chance to:

  • rely on a partner that has an excellent insight on all aspects of your business,
  • take into account all relevant information in terms of strategic and operational planning,
  • minimize the costs based on synergies and economies of scale
  • Concentrate on important aspects of your business such as long-term strategy, strategic innovation and high value business decisions.


Discover our Advanced Strategy and Operations Services suitable for all business:

  • Strategic Goal Setting
  • Trend and Market Analysis
  • Business model optimization
  • Resources and Capabilities Optimization
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Enterprise architecture design
  • Operational Workflows


Our extended mentorship program has given us  the experience and knowledge to offer especially designed services for start-ups and new entrepreneurs regarding their Business model:

  • Evaluate your value proposition
  • Examine all elements of your business model and propose optimization solutions
  • Identify possible drawbacks and propose alternatives
  • Develop Scenarios for your Business model weighting different key impact factors
  • Optimize your Business model according to the funding schemes you are looking for

Networking and support

We try to cover all your business needs. And to do so we do not rely only ourselves. We draw from a large pool of trustworthy, tested, external experts so you can rely on us for most of your business needs by just asking in one place.

If you have a need for additional services, we can either recommend a business partner or even include your recurring needs for external services in our fee.

After all, don’t forget that most of our partners are also our clients. Maybe we can suggest your services to another member of our growing business family and help you utilize our network.